How to Partner with Our Employees to Build Trust

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Today we learn how to partner with our employees to build trust in the workplace with Gary Magenta. Gary is a four-time author, customer experience guru, and Senior Vice President at Root, Inc., Gary is a highly sought-after media resource and keynoter speaker for client events, industry conferences, and business strategy and human resources seminars.

Gary shares on the podcast how allowing greater flexibility, being transparent, and giving more trust to our employees is contributing to higher engagement scores.  

Overall leaders over the last 8 months have demonstrated more empathy, more curiosity and more humanity by getting face-to-face with their employees.  

Gary offers four questions that move management from “yell-and-tell” to being a partner who walks alongside his or her direct reports.  

Finally, Gary offers his hope that we will all use this time to treat each other with more humanity for generations to come. 

Get Face-to-Face with Your Employees to Build Trust

We must partner with our employees to build trust in the workplace by being transparent from the words we say to the actions we take.

Leaders have to tell people the truth and trust that they can handle the negative and the unknown, even though the truth may cause tension and anxiety.

Leaders must display humanity and empathy by asking what is going on in their lives.

Leader as a Coach

Leaders need to share with their employees where we are going today and tomorrow to create trust.

We must tackle uncertainty together by partnering with our employees.

Don’t let them go “naked and afraid: on their own

Listen to your direct reports by asking questions, learning about their passions, their contributions, their point of view

Leaders must ask their direct reports:

“What’s most important for you to talk about today?”

“What else?”

 Leaders must answer four questions for their direct reports:

What are the skills and capabilities that I’ll need moving forward?

Do you believe that I can get there?

What do you expect from me?

What can I expect from you?

To build trust in the workplace, listen to this episode today.

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