13 Ways To Keep Your Team On The Innovation Fast Track

13 Ways to keep your team on the innovation fast track (2)

Originally Published by Forbes Coaches Council

Looking to stay on the innovation fast track? Look In Another Place

Field trip! When it comes to the innovation fast track, the best ideas come from looking in another place. Take your team to experience something in a completely different industry. What is it like to be a customer in the new industry? What specific things excite them? What do they feel? What do they think? What do they notice? Why? Gather all of the insights and see how they might apply to your industry.

The Call For Innovative Thinking

Companies around the globe are hunting for innovative thinkers. They are wanting people who have the ability to create and connect ideas and  turn those ideas into life. The rapid pace of technology has hit nearly every industry at a level of understanding that “to thrive is to innovate”

The future of Jobs report by The World Economic Forum, explains that by 2020, creative thinking is going to be the number one skill set that employers will be looking for. Creative thinking is a skill set that needs to be continually practiced in order to be sharper, and the only way to practice creative thinking is through practice.

Innovative Thinking Requires A New Mindset

Looking in another industry provides immense value because you are experiencing a new product or service through the eyes of a customer. You have the ability to see and understand the customer experience with a new perspective. Another way to create this cross-industry creative thought process is with creative thinking workshops like FreshBiz. FreshBiz is a game-based training workshop for companies and teams to learn what Ronen Gafni calls “the entrepreneurial mindset.” Entrepreneurs have incredibly powerful skills at combining different levels of thinking to create something new and innovative. These skills come from training their mind to see opportunities in a whole new way. They can notice an idea from one industry, and implement that idea in another industry, which in turn creates an innovative product and/or service. During a FreshBiz workshop, your team has the ability to experience taking risks and coming up with innovative strategies on a whole new level. Once the game is over, your team will then get a chance to implement the creative and innovative strategies you used during the game, and apply them to your business.

To Train Your Mindset, Play the Game

Our brain has the incredible ability to subconsciously look for certain opportunities that you train it to look for. Have you ever noticed after buying a new car or beginning your new car search, you see every single car that looked like yours or the one you want driving on the roads? This is because once you own a certain car, or begin to look for a certain type of car, you’re brain is telling you that that type of car important, therefore it heightens it’s sense of awareness to that type of car. The same concept can be directly applied to innovative, creative thinking and looking for opportunities. Playing the FreshBiz game actually trains your brain, at the cellular level, to begin looking for opportunities that you would have otherwise not even considered.

How Playing A Game Changes Thinking on the Individual and Team Level

Individual Level

The FreshBiz experience teaches lessons at the individual level in a personalized way. As leaders, as entrepreneurs, as innovative strategists, all of our levels of thinking are different. When these individual thinkers begin the FreshBiz experience, their level of learning is personalized. They all gain levels of insight and knowledge at exactly their level of thinking and learning in order to help them grow in their ability to hone in on the “entrepreneurial mindset.”

Team Level

The FreshBiz experience also teaches about innovative thinking at the team level. A team could be comprised of extremely intelligent, individual thinkers who come up with great ideas, and can still struggle to innovate. What FreshBiz does, is teach individuals what type of actions they need to take at the team level to increase innovation.

Mitchell Simon is an executive coach, leadership trainer and keynote speaker in San Diego, CA and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Looking to keep your team on the innovation fast track? View our FreshBiz workshop that sparks innovative thinking.