How to Unlock Hidden Potential

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In today’s episode of Team Anywhere we interview Phil Lewis, Founder Corporate Punk as he teaches us how to unlock hidden potential.

To Unlock Hidden Potential: Follow the 4 C’s

(1)   Communication

You must proactively consider how you will communicate in the new remote world.  Be mind-numbingly repetitious. Overcommunicate.  It is hard for people to absorb everything on the first go round, especially when they are dispersed.

 (2)   Companionship

Your job is to build connections that your employees have with each other.  Build a sense of connection between you and your people, and between your people with each other.

(3)   Conflict

Dissent and conflict are absolutely integral to one’s ability to deliver quality creative work.  It is important that you have conversations to address how you feel about conflict, and how you will undertake conflict.  The great thing about conflict is to realize that conflict “could get you somewhere together that you couldn’t get individually.”  “If you’re not disagreeing with each other, we’ve got a massive problem.”

(4)   Connection

It is important that you plan how you will construct meetings from our remote locations.  Almost as important, is how you plan times for people to work by themselves to think at a deeper level, so that as Cal Newport writes in his book, Deep Work, that you stay focused in a distracted world.


Phil shares three ways to determine what your company values are:

(1)   Why have you fired the last six people in your organization?

Take a look at the last six people you fired.  You could NOT tolerate their actions or inactions.  Those are your true values.

(2)   What are the opposite of the things that we value?

Great exploration here.  The opposite of “excellence” is not lousy work, it is being “good enough.”  Ouch, that hurts!

(3)   Where have we invested in the past?

Your money is where your values are.  If you continue to talk about building culture, but you invest no time or money into it…then building culture is NOT part of your values.

I am sure you will enjoy Phil’s energy, ideas, and insight on this episode of Team Anywhere.

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