Episode #156 – The Omni-working Revolution: Hybrid Strategies to Thrive in the Modern Workplace

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In this episode of Team Anywhere with Gwen Stirling Wilkie, we delve into the importance of human-centric leadership in hybrid work environments. She discusses the need for setting boundaries and flexibility within senior teams, sharing examples of how organizations have reimagined their workspaces and strategies. The guests explore the concept of “omni-working,” emphasizing the importance of creating inclusive and thriving work environments. She also discusses the paradigm shift in leadership, highlighting the growing need for co-creation and active leadership as we Team Anywhere.

Setting Boundaries and Flexibility in Senior Teams

Gwen discusses the vital role of setting boundaries and maintaining flexibility within senior teams. Drawing from a real-life example, she reveals how a team re-imagined their assumptions about hybrid work and established an effective pattern for collaboration. This conversation highlights the need for open communication, strategic decision-making, and a balance between structure and adaptability in order to create a successful and harmonious senior team.

The Framework for Omni-Working Spaces

Gwen delves into her ongoing research and development of a framework for omni-working spaces. Exploring the convergence of future-fit technology, effective collaboration tools, and seamless booking systems, she outlines the essential components of this framework. Additionally, she examines the different types of working spaces required for coordination, collaboration, and relationship-building, emphasizing the importance of tailoring physical environments to suit specific work needs.

The Shifting Strategies of Hybrid Work

By sharing insights from Linda Gratton’s work, Gwen reveals that numerous organizations are still in the process of refining their hybrid work strategies. This discussion showcases the value that organizations place on the topic and highlights the importance of ongoing dialogue and adaptive strategies within executive teams. The conversation also challenges traditional change theories and advocates for flexibility and responsiveness as organizations navigate the complexities of hybrid work.

Navigating the Paradigm Shift in Leadership

Gwen navigates the paradigm shift in leadership, recognizing that senior leaders are no longer expected to provide the sole source of answers. With the emergence of co-creation and active leadership, she explores the challenges and opportunities this shift presents. By acknowledging the need for intentional and transparent approaches, Gwen encourages leaders to embrace the ever-evolving landscape of hybrid work and involve others in decision-making processes. This conversation ignites reflection on the role of leadership in an increasingly dynamic work environment.

Who is Gwen Stirling-Wilkie?

Gwen is the originator of Omni-Working, and is focused on supporting leaders to reimagine work post-pandemic. Her award-winning book ‘From Physical Place to Virtual Space’ (2021) pioneered new approaches to organization development and consulting through online platforms. Using her twenty-plus years of experience as an organizational consultant Gwen guides transformation and culture change using dialogic and participatory approaches. As an educator, she is faculty on the prestigious NTL Institute of Applied Behavioural Sciences OD Programme in Europe, and the Dialogic OD Institute. She is currently undertaking a Doctorate of Professional Studies by Public Works at Middlesex University, UK.

Gwen’s new book ‘Omni-Working: Work effectively in all ways, from all places’ is due for publication on 23 October. Available for pre-order HERE.

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