Episode #154 – Creating Inspiring Work Environments: Exploring Motivational Work Design

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In this episode of Team Anywhere, host Mitch Simon is joined by David Henkin and Thomas Bertels to discuss human-centric leadership and its impact on job satisfaction and productivity. They explore the history of organizational development, highlighting the importance of meaningful work, autonomy, and knowledge of results. The speakers also delve into the challenges posed by technology and the need for self-managing teams. They emphasize the benefits of involving people from various functions and encourage managers to transition into coaching roles as we Team Anywhere!

The Importance of Meaningful Work

David and Thomas delve into the concept of meaningful work. They discuss how certain professions, like firefighters and nurses, score high on factors that make a job meaningful, such as importance to others and a sense of purpose. They also explore how office work and knowledge work often lack these motivating factors.

Autonomy in the Workplace

Autonomy takes center stage as David and Thomas emphasize its crucial role in job satisfaction. They shed light on how many organizations have taken decision-making authority away from frontline workers, leading to a decline in engagement. The speakers argue for a shift towards empowering employees with more autonomy in their roles, allowing them to make informed decisions and take ownership of their work.

Technology’s Impact on Work

Exploring the impact of technology, David and Thomas examine both its benefits and drawbacks. They discuss how constant interruptions and attention deficit disorder can diminish stability and productivity in the workplace. The speakers highlight the need for finding a balance between the use of technology and the human aspect of work.

Overcoming Fragmentation and Accountability Challenges

David and Thomas address the challenges posed by fragmented work processes in organizations. They shed light on how multiple departments and handovers can lead to a lack of accountability and difficulty in holding individuals responsible. The speakers advocate for the importance of meaningful work in fostering a sense of accountability and the ability to experience success or failure.

Who is Thomas Bertels?

Thomas Bertels is the president and founder of Purpose Works, a management consulting firm on a mission to make work more productive, valuable, meaningful, and impactful. He has twenty-five years of experience working with companies ranging from Fortune 10 firms to start-ups to improve organizational effectiveness and transform how work gets done. He has published several books and countless articles. Thomas is based in New Jersey and holds an MBA from the Stern School of Business.

Who is David Henkin?

David Henkin is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with a proven record of success in prominent global companies as well as start-ups. The author of several books, he has taught in a top-rated university business school program while also serving as an innovator, consultant and coach for corporate and nonprofit leaders.

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