Episode #152 – Leading with Intention: Balancing Management and Leadership for Success

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In today’s podcast episode our guest, Perry Maughmer, shares his insights on how to effectively manage oneself and others. He introduces a unique framework based on exploration, experimentation, and evolution, emphasizing the importance of connecting with individuals and building trust as a leader. Perry also dives into the concept of “hostage groups” and the power of peer advisory for leadership growth. Join us as we explore the challenges of change, intentional leadership in a remote work environment, and the key to establishing meaningful connections with employees as we Team Anywhere!

The Framework for Effective Leadership

Perry Maughmer introduces his framework for effective leadership, emphasizing the principles of exploration, experimentation, and evolution. He challenges the notion of giving step-by-step instructions and instead focuses on providing a descriptive framework that allows leaders to navigate the unknown. By embracing failure as a learning opportunity and constantly evolving, leaders can effectively navigate the complexities of their roles.

Building Trust and Connection

According to Maughmer, the core of leadership lies in the ability to connect with others and build trust. He delves into the importance of authenticity and self-awareness, highlighting the unique connections that each leader can foster. He also introduces the concept of “hostage groups,” where leaders can recharge, reflect, and connect with peers in a safe and vulnerable space. Building trust and connection is essential for motivating and inspiring teams.

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Maughmer sheds light on the challenges leaders face in implementing change, as our brains are wired to resist risk and prioritize survival. He emphasizes the need for behavioral modification and explores strategies for overcoming the fear of failure. In the face of remote work and distributed teams, leaders must now be intentional in their approach, making a conscious effort to engage and connect with team members across different locations.

The Power of Human Connection in Leadership

Maughmer discusses how traditional leadership approaches often create a barrier between emotions and work, hindering human connection. He stresses the importance of leaders letting their guard down and showing vulnerability to establish meaningful connections with employees. By breaking down the perception of leaders as unattainable and exhibiting genuine care, leaders can foster sustainable success and create a thriving work culture based on human connection.

Who is Perry Maughmer?

Perry believes the world deserves better leadership; that in every human interaction there is the opportunity to either build others up or tear them down; and that leadership is the choice we make in those moments. These beliefs led Perry to create the Potential Leader Lab. He wanted to offer those who share his beliefs the space and safety to explore transformative ideas, experiment with new behaviors, and evolve into the leaders they were meant to be and that the world needs.

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