Episode #149 – Loneliness Management 101 for Leaders

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In today’s episode, we have a fantastic guest joining us, Laura Terrell, an executive coach and practicing attorney with over 25 years of experience. Laura knows firsthand the challenges professionals face when it comes to feeling lonely and unsupported during transitions and changes in their lives. In this episode, Laura shares her insights on the power of personal connection and the importance of taking intentional action to combat loneliness.

From her own experiences of traveling to meet clients, to building meaningful relationships with colleagues and loved ones, Laura provides practical strategies and advice that will resonate with everyone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into this enriching conversation on the value of human interaction and the transformative impact it can have on our lives. Let’s get started with Laura Terrell on Team Anywhere!

The Importance of Personal Connections in a Digital Age

In this fascinating discussion, Laura Terrell highlights the power of face-to-face interactions in a world increasingly dominated by technology. She delves into the consequences of relying solely on online platforms for connection, emphasizing the need for intentional efforts to build genuine relationships. With wit and wisdom, Laura explores the pitfalls of instant gratification and transactional interactions, urging listeners to break free from isolation and embrace the richness of human connection.

Navigating Loneliness in Remote Work Environments

Join Laura Terrell as she tackles the challenges of loneliness in the remote work era. Drawing on her experiences as a coach, Laura shares practical strategies for combating isolation and fostering meaningful connections. From cultivating intentional routines to aligning schedules for in-person meetings, she offers invaluable advice for navigating the complexities of hybrid work models. With a mix of empathy and expertise, Laura empowers listeners to reclaim the joys of genuine human interaction.

Overcoming the Fear of Reaching Out and Seeking Support

In this eye-opening segment, Laura Terrell dives into the fear and hesitation surrounding seeking support and advice from others. With refreshing honesty, she unpacks the societal assumptions and social awkwardness that often hold people back. By encouraging listeners to question these barriers and embrace vulnerability, Laura lays the groundwork for deeper personal connections and growth. Tune in as she dismantles the walls that hinder genuine human interactions, inspiring us all to reach out and ask for help.

The Role of Personal Connections in Professional Success

Laura Terrell shares her expertise on the vital role of personal connections in professional success. With incisive insights, she explores how face-to-face interactions contribute to a sense of being seen, valued, and appreciated. By delving into the profound impact of personal dialogue and individualized feedback, Laura underscores the power of genuine human connection to enhance job satisfaction and drive organizational success. Join her as she provides practical tools to bridge the gap between electronic communication and meaningful relationships in the workplace.

Who is Laura Terrell?

Laura  is an executive coach with over 25 years of professional experience as a legal and business leader.  Prior to launching her coaching practice, Laura was a Special Assistant to the President at the White House, a senior level appointee at the US Department of Justice, an equity partner in two large global law firms, and in-house counsel at a major global consulting and business advisory firm.  Laura has led and managed teams of hundreds of people across multiple countries, and has been a top advisor for many Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. Her coaching clients include senior executives like CEOs, law firm partners, and general counsels. Others are consultants, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, and small business owners, as well as clients who may be returning to the workforce, making a pivot to a new career, or switching roles mid-career.

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