Episode #143 – “Collaborative Team Development (CTD): Revolutionizing Team Leadership”

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In this refreshing episode of the Team Anywhere Leadership podcast, join us as we interview Projjal Ghatak, CEO & Co-founder of OnLoop. Projjal shares surprising insights from his journey as a founder, highlighting the importance of mental fitness and agility in the startup world. He introduces Collaborative Team Development (CTD) and its unique approach to driving team growth. We delve into the significance of feedback in professional development and the shortcomings of traditional performance management systems. Discover how OnLoop’s AI-powered platform revolutionizes the feedback process, fostering behavior change and individual development within organizations as we Team Anywhere.

What Surprised Projjal When He Established His Company

Projjal Ghatak reflects on his journey as a founder and shares his surprising discoveries about himself. Ghatak discusses the level of anxiety that comes with building a startup and its impact on productivity. He emphasizes the significance of mental fitness and agility as essential skills for founders, highlighting their often overlooked importance compared to fundraising and team-building. Ghatak’s realization about the crucial role of mental well-being provides a unique perspective on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

What is Collaborative Team Development (CTD)?

In this podcast conversation with Projjal Ghatak, he introduces the concept of Collaborative Team Development (CTD) and highlights how it is different from traditional HR processes. Ghatak explains that while performance management systems focus on compliance and backward-looking records, CTD is a forward-looking system of action that drives daily habits and actions within the team. It empowers teams to take responsibility for each other’s development by enabling easy sharing of observations and feedback in a fair and constructive manner, ultimately helping individuals uncover their strengths and areas for growth.

Here is Why it is Important to Get Feedback

Projjal Ghatak discusses the importance of feedback in professional development and how traditional performance management processes often fall short. Ghatak highlights the need for a more comprehensive and continuous feedback system that goes beyond narrow evaluations and incorporates both push and pull mechanisms. He explains that their platform, using generative AI, aims to help individuals deliver feedback effectively and create a safe environment for open dialogue. By leveraging technology, they seek to enhance communication, remove emotional biases, and promote constructive feedback exchanges, ultimately filling a crucial gap in the coaching and development process.

Onloop’s Impact to Organizational Change

Projjal Ghatak explains the approach his company takes to drive behavior change and adoption of their feedback platform. They view themselves as an outcome rather than just a tool, guiding customers through a 12-week sprint to establish desired habits and generate holistic prism summaries. Ghatak discusses the different layers of collaborative team development (CTD) and the gradual development of muscle groups within teams, with a focus on celebrating wins, conducting wellness checks, and working on goals. He emphasizes the importance of language and accountability in feedback and highlights the need for tools that make the feedback process enjoyable and impactful. By addressing the shortcomings of existing tools, they aim to create a new category and facilitate the development of individuals within organizations.

Who is Projjal Ghatak?

Projjal is the founder of OnLoop, a company established in 2020 to create a new category called Collaborative Team Development (CTD) aimed at revolutionizing how hybrid teams are assessed and developed. Prior to this, he spent over a decade at companies like Uber and Accenture, where he experienced frustration with traditional enterprise performance management and learning processes and tools that were disliked or disregarded by his teams. Projjal is dedicated to unleashing the full potential of the world’s 1 billion knowledge workers. Before founding OnLoop, he held various roles at Uber, including leading Strategy & Operations for Business Development globally and GM of the Philippines Rides business. Projjal also has experience in strategy consulting, early-stage companies, and raising debt and equity for an industrial conglomerate. He obtained an MBA from Stanford after moving to Singapore from India at 17 as a Singapore Management University scholar. OnLoop is headquartered in Singapore and New York City, with a globally distributed team. 

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