Episode #142 – Key Lessons on Inclusive Leadership and Overcoming Biases

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Join us today in an episode with Tammy Heermann, author, speaker, and advocate for women’s advancement, as she shares her insights on various topics. Discover what surprised Tammy over the past three years, including the interconnection between our personal and professional lives. Explore the importance of meaningful check-in conversations and the value of sharing wins and successes.

Tammy also highlights the need for leaders to be aware of their biases when evaluating traits like flexibility, potential, and confidence, particularly in the hybrid work environment. Gain valuable perspectives on fostering inclusion and creating a successful workplace for all as we Team Anywhere.

What Surprised Tammy Over the Past 2 Years

In this podcast conversation with Tammy Heermann, the focus is on the lessons learned during the past two years of social upheaval. It becomes apparent that we are all human beings, and the traditional notion of separating our personal and professional lives no longer holds true. This realization brings about a shift in perspective, with people making career decisions based on what truly matters to them. Moreover, this unique moment presents an opportunity to reimagine work itself. Tammy highlights the case of Autodesk, a tech company embracing a flexible and forward-thinking approach, resulting in lower attrition rates, increased hiring of minorities, and overall success. The term “Flex Forward” encapsulates this transformative mindset.

The Check-in Conversion

Tammy Heermann discusses the importance of meaningful check-in conversations in the context of personal and global events that impact people’s lives. She highlights the need for leaders to go beyond a superficial “how are you” and recognize the nuances and traumas individuals may be experiencing. The task conversations are also crucial, but Tammy emphasizes the value of creating opportunities for sharing wins and successes, not just focusing on deadlines. Asking specific questions about achievements helps leaders gain deeper insights into their team members’ experiences and creates a more supportive work environment.

Making an Impact in the Virtual Workspace

In the podcast episode, the focus is on how individuals navigate the virtual landscape and determine their impact in this new paradigm. Tammy Heermann emphasizes the need for intentional feedback and communication. Whether it’s team meetings on Zoom or other virtual platforms, it is crucial to actively seek and provide feedback on how one’s messages are perceived and if everyone feels included in the conversation. Deliberate check-ins regarding effective communication, inclusivity, and overall impact are essential in this virtual world.

Leaders Should be Aware of Their Own Biases

Tammy Heermann discusses the importance of leaders recognizing biases when defining traits such as flexibility, potential, and confidence. She acknowledges the challenges faced by women and minorities in the hybrid work environment and emphasizes the need for special effort to ensure their inclusion. By addressing biases and promoting inclusive leadership, organizations can create a more equitable and successful workplace for everyone.

Who is Tammy Heerman?

Tammy Heermann is an award-winning leadership expert. She’s the author of Reframe Your Story: Real Talk for Women Who Want to Let Go, Do Less and Be More-Together. For over twenty years, she has helped change thousands of mindsets around what it takes to lead, both self and others. Tammy transforms her audiences with alternating moments of humor and heartache as she shares stories of her own journey from senior consultant to senior vice president.

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