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Employee Burnout is Real! – Secrets to Motivation and Retention

Burnout is real. It is officially identified by the World Health Organization as an occupational phenomenon. At the root of burnout are broken and unfair policies, and it can’t be fixed by wellness and meditation practices. That’s like putting a bandaid on a failed artery.

In today’s podcast, we have Jennifer Moss, the author of the Burnout Epidemic and Unlocking Happiness at Work. Jennifer is an international speaker and expert on burnout and an award-winning journalist and syndicated radio columnist. If you run a company or a team, you have to listen to this podcast so you can prevent burnout as you Team Anywhere.

How to Give Memorable Recognition to Employees on Your Hybrid Team with Dan Kasper, CEO of Wishlist EP 71

How to Give Memorable Recognition to Employees on Your Hybrid Team

What if you can measure team interactions and use that data to give memorable recognition and rewards to your hybrid team? What if you could build a culture that gives employees the one thing they’re begging for: consistent and authentic recognition?

On this week’s podcast, we interview Dan Kasper, CEO of Wishlist, an HR tech company that focuses on engagement and culture.

Wishlist is an app with both a marketplace and social media feed that allows employers and employees to give recognition and rewards that go beyond earning plaques and badges. Employees can choose personalized and memorable experiences as rewards that they earn through receiving workplace recognition.