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Episode #154 – Creating Inspiring Work Environments: Exploring Motivational Work Design

In this episode of Team Anywhere, host Mitch Simon is joined by David Henkin and Thomas Bertels to discuss human-centric leadership and its impact on job satisfaction and productivity. They explore the history of organizational development, highlighting the importance of meaningful work, autonomy, and knowledge of results. The speakers also delve into the challenges posed by technology and the need for self-managing teams. They emphasize the benefits of involving people from various functions and encourage managers to transition into coaching roles as we Team Anywhere!

Episode #146 – The Skillset of a Successful Remote Work Leader

In this dynamic podcast episode with Sean Campbell, CEO of Cascade Insights, he shares the skillset of a successful remote work leader. Sean highlights three key skills for modern remote leaders, including the importance of strong writing skills, the need for shorter and more focused virtual meetings, and the significance of creating a culture where employees feel comfortable expressing their ignorance. The discussion also delves into the challenges of addressing childcare arrangements and managing employee distractions.
Additionally, Sean shares insights on the skillset of a thriving team member, emphasizing the ability to interrupt your boss, choosing the right communication channels, and effectively shining through communication. Tune in to gain valuable tips for navigating the remote work landscape and fostering productive and balanced work environments as we Team Anywhere.

We also discussed the importance of diversity in the workplace and how it can help us to be more understanding and accepting of different cultures and practices. Finally, we talked about the importance of curiosity and connection in today’s world. Foster believes that we need to be more intentional about creating opportunities for connection, and that we need to be more curious about each other as we Team Anywhere.