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Essential Leadership Skills on Facilitation and Negotiation

Amidst the pandemic, leaders are forced to manage their teams in-person and virtually. The phenomenon of moving to virtual and hybrid teams–and then guiding employees through an international pandemic–has surfaced the need to manage with empathy, authenticity, and engagement. The traditional “command and control” is no longer tolerable. Leaders must engage and build participative communities. Having to work from home for two years, professional employees have gained a voice in how they wish to be treated and led. Managers who still try to boss employees around are watching their workforce walk out the door.

On today’s podcast episode, we interview Adam Kahane who is the author of Facilitating Breakthrough: How to Remove Obstacles, Bridge Differences, and Move Forward Together. Today’s topics are locked-in on the importance of facilitation and negotiation. These are two core leadership skills that keep employees engaged, and help maintain equitable contribution and connection.

Leader’s Guide to Cognitive Budgeting

Actions are a product of our thoughts. Amidst the pandemic, leaders tend to overthink rather than take necessary actions in the workplace. Instead of focusing on leading, a leader’s mental energy and time is often consumed by ruminations— negative cycles of thought that lead to nowhere, and can affect how the leader performs.

On today’s podcast episode, we interview Jordan Birnbaum, Chief Operating Officer of BEESY, Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and Behavioral Economist. Today’s discussion is locked-in on his article published in MIT-SMR (Sloan Management Review), “Building the Cognitive Budget for Your Most Effective Mind.” It focuses on topics related to creating a cognitive budget, infusing reflection, eradicating rumination, and building mental practices that can help create powerful employee engagement.

Keys to Strategic and Realistic Innovation 

In a world wherein change is constant, products and services are continuously improved every single year. Amidst the pandemic, how does your organization keep up with the current competition? Does your organization have the right strategies, tools and resources? Does your organization have what it takes to keep your competitive edge alive in the ever-changing market conditions?

On today’s podcast episode, we interview Elvin Turner who is the author of Be Less Zombie: How Great Organizations Create Dynamic Innovation, Fearless Leadership and Passionate People. Today’s topic is locked-in on strategic and realistic methodologies on innovation–an important and essential characteristic of many successful organizations who are making a mark in this fast-paced world.

Hybrid Meeting Management Techniques 

Meetings are vital in every organization. Due to the pandemic, we are forced to become more flexible in terms of meeting types. Hybrid meetings are a simultaneous mixture of in – person and virtual meetings. The main challenge in leading such meetings is how to conduct engaging, conducive and productive meetings with some people in the room and some joining remotely.

On today’s podcast episode we have Karin Reed–CEO of Speaker Dynamics, an Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, and co-author of the book, Suddenly Hybrid: Managing the Modern Meeting. In this podcast, Karen shares key strategies for implementing and managing hybrid meetings.

Effective Leadership Strategies in the Face of Uncertainty

Due to the pandemic, the world is put on a status of uncertainty. Leadership roles in workplaces– whether on-site or remote– have been challenging. Leaders struggle on how to become stronger and effective because of these challenges.

On today’s episode, we’re privileged to have Tom Kolditz, a retired Brigadier General who led the department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at West Point for 12 years. You will learn how to become an effective leader in the face of uncertainty, and also learn methods for building trust, staying outwardly focused, being seen as human, and building hope among your team members.

Employee Burnout is Real! – Secrets to Motivation and Retention

Burnout is real. It is officially identified by the World Health Organization as an occupational phenomenon. At the root of burnout are broken and unfair policies, and it can’t be fixed by wellness and meditation practices. That’s like putting a bandaid on a failed artery.

In today’s podcast, we have Jennifer Moss, the author of the Burnout Epidemic and Unlocking Happiness at Work. Jennifer is an international speaker and expert on burnout and an award-winning journalist and syndicated radio columnist. If you run a company or a team, you have to listen to this podcast so you can prevent burnout as you Team Anywhere.