Episode #147 – Cultivating Collaboration: Keys to Fostering High-Performing Leadership Teams

In this episode of the Team Anywhere podcast, join host Thomas Keil and guest Marianna Zangrillo Co-Authors of Book, The Next Leadership Team: How to Select, Build, and Optimize Your Top Team as they dive into the fascinating world of CEOs and leadership teams. Discover why Thomas and Marianna are so captivated by these individuals and their stories, and how they transform these stories into valuable research and insights. 

Gain insights into the secret of choosing great leadership teams and the different types of teams they have observed, ranging from cohesive units to high-performing “stretch teams.” Explore the challenges and requirements of forming and managing stretch teams, and learn about the importance of clear norms and adaptable individuals. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that sheds light on effective leadership team dynamics and strategies as we Team Anywhere.