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Fostering Employee Engagement and Talent Retention Through Employee Resource Groups

The past 2 years have been a challenge for leaders to engage and motivate their team members. The great resignation proved that employees have the option to choose their desired career paths. Thus, organizational leaders should devise ways to prevent turnover and keep employees.

On today’s podcast episode we interview Deanna Figurito, Founder and Lead Coach of DFig Connects Coaching and Consulting.Today’s topics are locked-in on the implementation, benefits, and significant effects of ERGs or Employee Resource Groups to improve employee engagement and talent retention.

The Future of Hybrid and Virtual Workspaces

For the past 2 years organizations struggled with the pandemic restrictions because of the social distancing requirement imposed in office spaces. That led to innovation of different work setups that we have never seen before. These are virtual and hybrid workspaces. The main question is, are we ready to replace the physical office with the virtual office?

On today’s podcast episode we interview, Arkadiy Baltser, Founder and CEO of Plutoview an organization who is pushing towards the barrier of allowing team members to work collaboratively anytime, anywhere using cutting edge technology. Today’s topics are locked-in on the future of virtual and hybrid workspaces, the metaverse and the superpowers that organizations are looking forward to using as they Team Anywhere.