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Episode #152 – Leading with Intention: Balancing Management and Leadership for Success

In today’s podcast episode our guest, Perry Maughmer, shares his insights on how to effectively manage oneself and others. He introduces a unique framework based on exploration, experimentation, and evolution, emphasizing the importance of connecting with individuals and building trust as a leader. Perry also dives into the concept of “hostage groups” and the power of peer advisory for leadership growth. Join us as we explore the challenges of change, intentional leadership in a remote work environment, and the key to establishing meaningful connections with employees as we Team Anywhere!

Episode #140 – Leading with Care: Beliefs and Practices of Great Leaders

In today’s podcast episode we interview Phil Clampitt and Bob DeKoch, Co-Authors of the book, Leading with Care in a Tough World as they share their surprising discoveries and valuable insights from the past three years of leading teams in hybrid and virtual work environments. Discover the untapped potential of virtual collaboration, the significance of face-to-face interactions, and the challenges leaders face in fostering engagement post-COVID.

Dive into the meaning of leading with care, beyond surface-level empathy, and explore the beliefs and practices that drive exceptional leadership. Gain practical strategies for building strong relationships, addressing challenges authentically, and enhancing employee engagement in this thought-provoking conversation as we build Teams Anywhere.