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Make Memorable Team Events using Experience Design

Make Memorable Team Events using Experience Design

As team leaders, business owners and managers, we have a new responsibility when we bring our employees together and that’s to make those gatherings effective, memorable, and frankly, worth the effort to drag our team members from their homes to the office. Yet there aren’t any resources on how to create those gatherings until now.

On today’s podcast, we interviewed a returning guest, Carolene Méli, an Experience Strategist, who has created a tool to help anyone design a gathering that your employees will never stop talking about. The tool that will help leaders Bring Back the Buzz.

Experience Design for Meetings Carolene Meli

How Successful Leaders Use Experience Design at Events

Inside this episode, we interviewed Experience Strategist and former head of VIP events at Cirque du Soleil, Carolene Méli. Carolene has traveled the globe creating and delivering VIP experiences and now she’s here to help leaders understand more about Experience design and tips for creating unbelievable experiences. 
On today’s podcast you will learn the four essential elements to create a successful and meaningful event, the one question to ask before planning any event, and the magic of a box of popcorn.