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Episode #157 – The Power of Vulnerability: Building Trust and Creating Authentic Connections

In this episode of Team Anywhere, host Mitch Simon explores the concept of human-centric leadership with guest Jacob Morgan. They dive into the importance of vulnerability in leadership, discussing how being genuine and authentic can build stronger connections and trust within a team. Jacob shares insights from his research and interviews with CEOs, highlighting the shift towards embracing vulnerability in the modern workplace. From climbing the vulnerability mountain to intentional sharing and building relationships, Jacob and Mitch provide practical strategies for leaders to cultivate human-centered leadership and create a more supportive and inclusive work environment.

A Leader’s Digest on Promoting Success in Virtual Teams  

Amidst the past 2 years, organizations were forced to find ways to allow virtual and hybrid work to adjust to the pandemic protocols. However, the challenge is on for leaders in terms of building trust, effective communication and deep connection with their team members.

In today’s episode we interview Tara Powers, CEO of Powers Resource Center LLC and author of the books, Virtual Team for Dummies and Working from Home for Dummies. Today’s topics are focused on the ideal model of remote teams (virtual and hybrid); and also on the importance of technology, communication, connection and vulnerability which will help team members as they Team Anywhere.