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Episode #139 – Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: A Leader’s Guide

In today’s podcast episode we interview Wanda Wallace, Managing Partner of Leadership Forum & Host of “Out of the Comfort Zone” as we delve into her surprising revelations over the past three years. Wanda discovered that the biggest barriers her clients are facing include stress, time management, and giving meaningful feedback to peers, subordinates, and superiors. Discover Wanda’s tips on how to get out of your comfort zone by starting with small experiments and dealing with uncertainty by focusing on what you “do” know and your core values as we Team Anywhere.

Episode #131 – Awesome Leadership Guide for Hybrid Work Teams

In today’s podcast episode we interview Elena Agaragimova, Talent Development Specialist at Bessern and author of the book, The Rough Guide to Awesome Leadership: A Brain Friendly Approach to Take Action and Be an Inspiring Leader. Elena discusses the importance of accepting failure as a pathway to resilience, as well as the significance of building strong relationships with team members in remote settings.

Elena shares resiliency tips for managing emotions, including auditing sleep, movement, and food habits. She also describes the TADA acronym for supportive leadership behaviors: Transparency, Empathy, Diversity, and Amplifying. Tune in to learn how to cultivate successful hybrid work teams and create a psychologically safe work environment as we Team Anywhere.