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You’re Just One Real Conversation Away

You’re just one real conversation away from creating a high-performance team of leaders who can achieve the BIG goals you’ve set out to achieve.

What if the one thing in the way of getting your team to reach the next level was establishing true teamwork. 

The Path to True Teamwork Lies in Three Elements

Adopting a Team Mindset

Adopting a team mindset

The first requirement in build true teamwork is to adopt a team mindset through learning the mindset of high performance teams. 

With the team mindset you improve:


– Team members become accountable for their individual promises, no matter what occurs. 

– Team members hold eachother accountable to each other’s promises resulting in a highly-autnomous team. 


By far, one of the most important elements of teamwork is building Psychological Safety. In a psychologically safe environment, you enable every person on your team to fully express their ideas and opinions and they feel safe expressing themselves. High levels of psychological safety is the key to high-performance teams and innovation. 


– Team members “volunteer” to the “promise” (A Team is by definition a shared promise) that your company makes to its customers.
– Team members make your company’s “WHY” (What the company cares about) greater than their individual concerns.

Gaining Team Commitment

Gaining Team commitment

The second requirement in building true teamwork is that all team members are committed to building trust and connection, through the ability to have having honest, transparent, and authentic conversations. Team members create this commitment through developing their linguistic skills in making requests and offers and honoring and holding their commitments

In gaining team commitment and effective team promises you improve:


Team members recognize that a “team” shares a promise, and that the promise includes the development of all other team members in their professional and personal growth.


Team members feel obligated to build trust and relationship across departments and throughout the company


Team members own not only the results, but own the mood of the organization and feel obligated to maintain a mood of freedom and ambition

Improving Team Behavior

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The third requirement is that all team members engage in the PRACTICES of the leadership distinctions, since we define learning as “the ability to act in a new way” consistently. With this there is improved behavior in team conversations.


• The ability to speak candidly without fear of retribution
• All team members are willing to give input to each other in service of the business even when the topic is outside their area of expertise or span of control.
• All team members are committed to elevating each other by offering feedback and “feedforward” on business practices and performance as well as on each other’s professional capabilities.


• Speaking with radical candor: Team members recognize when they are “withholding” information, thoughts and feelings that would better the company’s goals, and feel obligated and well-trained to have the difficult conversations


• Team members understand that with big promises, breakdowns are to be expected, and that it is each team members job to declare and find solutions for inevitable breakdowns.

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