Host Healthcare High Achievers

Examine the distinctive characteristics that define how to “Play to Win.” Learn how to become more productive, more valuable and how to really raise the bar on your game.

Applications Due 12/15/2023

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This program is designed to embrace the high-potential leaders in you as you begin to face the opportunities, challenges and risks that come with greater leadership roles. This course is created through gamification, where you learn about how to play your “A Game” through overcoming fears, reducing distractions, and focusing on what really matters.

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High-performing individuals (top 3-5%) who are current team leads or with increasing responsibility and the potential to become team leads.


12 Month Commitment


Classroom Time: 2 Hr/Month
Homework: 45 Min/Month



“H3 helped me put words to my goals. I didn’t hit everything, but I did hit a lot more! I thought I would shoot for a Team Lead and I’m so honored to be a Recruitment Director. I thought I would hone my leadership skills and they are being honed in much grander and more challenging ways than I could ever imagine.” – Daniel Youngren


What You Will Learn & Do

Throughout the presentations, group discussions and interactive exercises, you will examine the distinctive characteristics that define how to “Play to Win.” The curriculum balances team coaching, classroom led facilitation, small group discussion and self-reflection.


Strengthen internal and external relationships to achieve both personal and professional goals.


Adjust your approach to communication, influence and persuasion as your responsibilities grow and change and you transform into a high performer.


Create a personal future leadership “Avatar” that identifies and develops the gap in your game.


Become the next class of high potential leaders and inspire a growth-mindset culture focused on leadership and excellence throughout Host

“My favorite part of H3 was the relationships I was able to build. For a long time you would only see certain names pop up on Microsoft Teams or get chatter notification and it was difficult to separate that person from behind the notification. Being able to be in the Breakout Rooms in H3 allowed me to get my coworkers better than I did before I took the course.” 
– Zachary Howell


Between Sessions

The objective of the high potential program is to help gain the skills you need as a future leaders. The skills and practices you learn in class are meant to be discussed and practiced regularly between sessions.

Because of this, we pair you up with an accountability buddy and give homework that includes one practice from the session to work on throughout the month and conversations to have with your buddy. This increases accountability, and ensures that you develop new beliefs, habits, and actions that help increase your performance

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I’ve built my confidence not only at HOST but personally. It’s been nice to be able to open up to people at the work place and feel like our connections are not just surface level its nice to hear about what go through on a day to day basis, it connected us even more. I can’t thank H3  enough for the relationships that I hope to continue outside of H3, the new inner voice I’ve developed in my leadership and the goals that I hope to achieve overall. 
-Kailie Fowler

H3 Graduates

Here’s a few of your Host Colleagues that has completed the H3 Program

Micaela Bruno

Steven Moody

Destiny Ewing

Jessica Mynarski

Eitan Margolis

Hana Askandarani

Katherine Zwingli

Alé Martinez

Susan McManus

Sam Hagen

Jessika Martinez

Kassandra Finch

Sydney McCloy

“H3 gave me an awareness of myself that didn’t have before:  of my limitations, of tools I didn’t know I needed and how to use them, the courage to do so.  I also gained an awareness of limitations and fears others have and how to communicate with them to help them move through them. H3 empowered me in setting goals, and developing a mindset and awareness that I wouldn’t have been able to previously vocalize or achieve.”
– Ashleigh Murray 

“I developed a new perspective in being more vulnerable and understanding what type of guidance people are providing. It is vital to have healthy debates and discusstions with the team members across different departments to gain new perspective especially with people you maybe don’t see everyday on camera every day. I felt more empowered to be myself and express myself in the work environment.”
– Christian Posis

“H3 has paved the way on where I want to go with HOST. My confidence in public speaking  has improved. I have enjoyed  building connections across departments. It’s nice to remove everyone’s job title for a couple hours and just get to know everyone for who they are.”
– Isabella Gibbs

“I really enjoyed becoming more vulnerable with people in different departments.  We have all been able to connect and collectively become more self-aware.”
– Jennifer Guerrero

“The more I was exposed to people of different departments the more I was able to achieve the original goals I wanted to achieve in this course. I came out more empowered and more insightful.” 
– Kailene Armintia

“I’ve been able to develop a new mindset and inner voice to help me on my good and hard days. My confidence has boosted, I’ve met wonderful people and I’ve been able to get clear on values and the type of person I want to be in my future.” 
– Maddie Ittner

“H3 has helped me feel more grounded show up authentically at HOST. I’ve felt more comfortable showing up as my full self and share my personal and professional dreams.” 
– Tiara Hairston

“In H3, I’ve loved meeting people from different departments. I’ve gained clarity and confidence in goal setting and in reaching goals I thought were previously unattainable.” 
– Mikayla Miller

“In H3, I learned essential life skills I thought I had a grasp on, but after meeting other people and discussing the concepts my understanding deepened immensely. This program has not only helped me grow professionally but even personally in topics like parenting.”
-Vanessa Downey

“H3 helped me get to know others in the company that I wouldn’t have otherwise communicated with. It has helped me understand other people’s jobs and tasks deeper. It’s gotten me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to be honest and open with my co-workers and I’ve never worked for a company that’s done that.”
– Micaela Bruno

“H3 with Mitch Simon was one of the best experiences I’ve had in leadership development. This program was amazing because it allowed me to be comfortable being open and honest with not only  myself but with my fellow coworkers. The depth of the relationships I’ve built thanks to H3 are far deeper than I would expect to gain in H3. I attribute my promotion to Team Lead to H3.” 
– Steven Moody

“This program really helped me dig into the unknown and ask questions that made me think about how to be the best person. I am more effective in my organizational skills and time management. Life is busy but it’s important to take the time to join H3.”
– Destiny Ewing

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Join us in a monthly conversation that helps you build deep relationships with your team at Host and have fun learning together.
These interactive style micro-lessons that help you get to know staff from all across Host.



Set yourself up for success to become the best remote team member by getting clear on your goals, understanding the role of accountability in a remote environment, and improving agility while working from home.
3 Months



Begin a collaborative quest that helps you formulate your personal leadership philosophy, embrace authentic conversations, adopt a team mindset and leverage your personal strengths.
12 Months


H3 has given me the courage to go into the unknown believing in my capabilities and understand that many of us come from similar backgrounds. The entirety of the course is built up to courage. With courage we can make mistakes understanding that mistakes are good because we can learn and grow from them as we grow into better versions of ourselves for us, for our teams and for HOST. 
– Brett Seeburger

“H3 was a beautiful opportunity to meet and work with other people at HOST. We got to get to know each other, learn about each others challenges and strenghts, to see that we have so much in common, and that we have the ability to grow and achieve our dreams together as high performers.”
– Elise Kerrigan

“H3 gave me the confidence to be able to be who I am. It’s been nice to get in touch with everyone from across the country and get to know everyone.” 
– Mindy Hitt

“H3 has given me the opportunity to learn about listening to my inner voice and dig deep into what it is telling me, as well listen perspectives outside of recruitment learn about their challenges and discover how I can better myself as a top performer and team lead.” 
– Nick Dovedot

“In H3, I’ve learned to be a better of myself which isn’t limited to work goals but having success in all areas of my life.” 
– Victoria Heller

“H3 taught me that despite being introverted, I could be a high performer. I enjoyed learning about influence and I appreciate that I was able to connect with other people outside HR. We had deeper discussions and spend a lot of time reflecting which helped me become more positive and more grateful.”
– Vianney Perez

“I’ve been able to make meaningful connections with people in different departments. It’s hard to do this in a remote company without this course. I’ve appreciated taking the time to put myself out there, be present in this course, and have deep conversations with people that I don’t normally talk to. Just do it!”
– Alexis Oh

“This class gave me dedicated time to think about how I think while also hearing how other people think, which has given me a different perspective. People don’t do this in other jobs and other companies. Sign up sooner rather than later so your career can flourish!”
– Amanda Van Den Plas

“With this class, I gained a lot of clarity in my goals and what is getting in the way of achieving my goals. I’ve also gained the confidence to take more risks and look at failure as an opportunity. The biggest thing I got out of H3 was getting to know my co-workers on an entirely new level.” 
– Bridgett Beasley

“This course taught me vulnerability and the chance to make connections fast. I 100% recommend taking this course, you will be able to self-reflect, learn about generating energy and so many other takeaways it would be impossible to list.” 
– Cassie Hale

“H3 is a stretch course, it stretched me professionally and personally. I got to think and questions the ways I grew up thinking and it challenged me to think a new way. Get ready to be vulnerable with people that you never thought you would! You get to know people quick and build so many great relationships.”
– Charisse Smith

“H3 gave me a new mindset. I went from experiencing self-doubt to being able to look positively at my challenges. I now have a more positive inner-voice. You can learn so much from this course if you are present and listen deeply.”
– Diana Butac

“I didn’t expect to meet so many new amazing people. H3 is a time commitment but I would do it over again. You are going to meet some amazing people and get so much more out of it than you would expect.” 
– Kayley Bedrosian

“This program challenged me to read more books and allowed me to connect with people on a deeper level. It was great to hear people open up, spend time to be introspective, and connect with others. It is so rewarding to learn more about yourself and others you work with.”
– Laura Tyler

“I was surprised by how much this program impacted my personal life. It allowed me to take on more risks and I feel more confident all around. My favorite aspect was getting to connect with everyone from different departments.”
– Lauren Butler

“This course creates a sense of unity and makes you not feel so alone in what you sense as failures. I’ve been able to do a lot of self-reflection and hear great perspectives from other people. This has made me a better human.” 
– Lauren Gaglia

“This course taught me how to be intentional about understanding what it takes to be successful. It helps you embrace moments of feeling uncomfortable. It’s built camraderie amongst our peers at HOST.”
– Elizabeth Hallwood

“I was able to deepen relationships across departments. I was under the impression that H3 would be more work focused but it was more about looking intrinsically so that you can increase your efficiency. Putting work life balance is put second at a lot of other companies and putting it first at HOST is what makes this company so different. This class helped me see that and take time to be better personally and professionally.”
– Nico Teply

“H3 helped me uncover and face fears that I didn’t know I had. It’s been interesting to hear new perspectives and has helped me become more open. If you want to grow in general, you should take this class. No company that I’ve ever seen gives classes like this.”

Tara-Marie Fuller

“H3 helped me dedicate the time to focus on my goals and see what might be holding me back. It is a big commitment but worth all the effort.”
Taylor Shelton

“H3 gave me a chance to uncover what I could work on and I became more confident to be myself. I was able to be more open and vulnerable which was uncomfortable but also good. Just do it!”

– Megan Polaha

“You learn a lot about your personal life and your relationships and your relationship withyourself on top of learning about improving at work. I recommend this for people who want to be more involved.”

– Elyn Dushane