Teams that crush it.

What is a team that crushes it?

Teams that CRUSH it create a future through the right conversations that would have not been created otherwise

These teams are #1 in their industry, and they are crushing their competition because they focus on team development and strengthen their network of conversations to encourage authenticity and innovation. Before you answer this question you must ask,

What is a team?

is a team a group of people who share a promise

How do you get a “group of people” to “commit to a promise” and then how do you get them to crush it?

What is crushing it?

Crushing it is sustained high performance day in, day out, and year after year.

Team the CRUSH it embrace:
Provoking each other to be their best selves
Psychological Safety

When your team is crushing it, it feels like this:

My team has worked now with Mitch for the past 10 years.

The fact that he can still put my team and I in uncomfortable situations to uncover personality traits, conflict resolution and inspire is truly amazing. I am truly grateful for all he has done for my team. The accountability concepts he instills in each of us, creates a force of success.
Bryce Aberg

Executive Director

Cushman & Wakefield