Leading & Coaching Multi-Generational Teams

Leading & Coaching Multi-Generational Teams

Psychological Safety on teams

How are we motivated differently through the way we were raised?

Generational Workplace Motivation Research on Teams

After reading two books recently, Drive, by Dan Pink and The Best Team wins by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton I picked up on a lot of the newest research in generational differences in teams. Are we motivated differently because we were raised in different time periods? We sure are!

Motivation according to Dan Pink comes down to three categories; mastery, autonomy and purpose. We all have the drive to strive for mastery in a certain area, to do things with a purpose, and do to things the way we want to do them (autonomy). The research from The Best Team Wins is finding out that boomers and millennials rank differently in how much autonomy they actually want in the workplace.

Millennials really thrive on collaboration, where as the boomers often want more autonomy. So there is a discrepancy between these generations when they try to collaborate.

So knowing this what is the key takeaway?

On your team give boomers more freedom, coach your millennials and encourage collaboration.

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