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Why My Baseball Bat is Above My Law Degree

Why thereā€™s a baseball bat above my law degree. Because when I started coaching, when my real estate brokers would hit six figures, I gave them a baseball bat. So, to me, knowing I can coach people to make six figures means more than my law degree. #knockitoutofthepark Best,Mitch Follow Us! šŸ‘‡Instagram: @TeamCoachMitchFacebook: @TeamCoachMitchWebsite:

Strive for IMperfection

“Strive for imperfection, because usually what happens is for all of you in this room, you know, you went to the finest private or public schools, or maybe you didn’t, then you went to the best colleges. Then for many of you, you went to the best graduate schools, and then you rallied to get to…
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