13 Ways To Keep Your Team On The Innovation Fast Track

13 Ways To Keep Your Team On The Innovation Fast Track

Originally Published by Forbes Coaches Council

Looking to stay on the innovation fast track? Look In Another Place

Field trip! When it comes to the innovation fast track, the best ideas come from looking in another place. Take your team to experience something in a completely different industry. What is it like to be a customer in the new industry? What specific things excite them? What do they feel? What do they think? What do they notice? Why? Gather all of the insights and see how they might apply to your industry.

Looking in another industry provides immense value because you are experiencing a new product or service through the eyes of a customer. You have the ability to see and understand the customer experience and begin to use creative thinking to connect new desires to your industry.

Mitchell Simon, Simon Leadership Alliance

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Mitchell Simon is an executive coach, leadership trainer and keynote speaker in San Diego, CA and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Looking to keep your team on the innovation fast track? View our workshop that sparks innovative thinking.


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